first episode of the third season of The Berenstain Bears TV series.

Opening RhymesEdit

Trouble With Grown-Ups

Both grown-ups and cubs learn a lesson about
How families work best when they work problems out

Too Much TV

When the TV is on all day without rest
Mama knows it's too much, and Mama knows best.

Trouble With Grown UpsEdit

Things in the Berenstain Bear household begin to grow tense. First, Papa Q. Bear's jigsaw breaks down, and now he can't finish building his chairs. Second, Mama has been cutting cloth squares for Mrs. Honeypot's Christmas quilt all day. Mama and Papa are having a rough day.

Meanwhile, Sister is talking with her friend, Lizzie Bruin, on the telephone. She and Brother are trying to get some good ideas for a school play they're working on. Mama and Papa have heard the phone ring. Mama thinks it was Mrs. Honeypot calling. Papa wants to use the phone to call the hardware store. Sister hangs up the phone, and Papa tries calling the hardware store. Unfortunately, there is no answer. Papa now tries looking for a used jigsaw in the "for sale" section of the newspaper, but he just couldn't seem to find it. Brother is using some of Papa's newspaper to keep the paint from dripping on his desk. He didn't even think about asking Papa first. "No one in this house reads the 'for sale' section of the paper in this house," Brother says. Nobody, that is, until now.

The phone rings again, and Mama is certain that it is Mrs. Honeypot this time. It is Lizzie again, and Sister just couldn't talk to her for too long on the phone. Mama has been waiting all day for Mrs. Honeypot to call, and she tells Sister to stay off the phone. Also, it is Sister's turn to set the table for dinner tonight.

The next day, Brother and Sister tell Mama they'll be staying after school because they are working on a play for the "Night of Plays" night. They show her a note on that event, which was over a week old. They should of shown it to her earlier in the week, and they didn't even mention it to their parents either. "Every parent in town gets tickets for the 'Night of Plays' night," says Mama, "and I guess it's too late for me and Papa to get tickets." Just as the schoolbus arrives and Brother and Sister leave for school, the phone rings. Hoping it is Mrs. Honeypot, Mama answers. This time, it is Mrs. Honeypot on the other end.

On the bus, Lizzie tells Sister she sure spent little time on the phone last night. Brother and his classmate, Cousin Fred, are trying to come up with a good play for the "Night of Plays" night. Brother's cousin Fred suggests they can do Frankenbear, but nobody agrees. Besides, Two Tall is going to do Dracubear. Brother tells Freddy and Lizzie that Mama and Papa were very stressed out last night. They've been blaming Brother for using Papa's newspaper without asking first and Sister for using the phone too frequently. "No matter what we do, it's wrong," Sister says. Lizzie knows about that kind of feeling. It's not easy being a cub. A bit discouraged, Brother and Sister enlist the help of their friends to come up with an idea for their school play. Brother has just gotten an idea. They can all do a play showing just how difficult it is to be a cub. They will call it, "The Trouble with Parents". Everybody agrees.

As soon as Brother and Sister come home, Mama can tell they've been very busy. They have been working on their school play. But they don't tell them what their play is about. Mama admits that she and Papa were a bit hard on Brother and Sister. Their parents think that the best way to make it up to the cubs is by taking them out to dinner after the play. What's more, they can choose wherever they want to dine out.

That night, Mama gets excited about what Brother's and Sister's play will be about. As they watch the play, Mama and Papa are surprised to see some of the events on stage which happened the night before in their house, and they start to laugh. At the end, the cubs explain that while they think their parents are great, sometimes it's hard when parents yell at you for no reason. As soon as the play is over, Mama and Papa (in the audience along with Gran and Gramps) learn a lesson about being more patient.Papa admit that the play has helped them see it's not easy being a cub. However, Mama points out that it's not always easy being a parent either. Sister thinks being a parent is easier. "Parents can do anything they want," says Brother.

The next morning, Brother and Sister are in for a little shock when Mama and Papa dress up like Brother and Sister and they plan to show the cubs the troubles of being a parent. At least Brother and Sister can tell Mama and Papa what to do. So, Brother and Sister dress up as grown-ups. Mama and Papa ask Brother and Sister (the parents) so many questions and favors that even Brother and Sister couldn't take too much of. It is very stressful. Brother and Sister find out that being parents is harder than they thought. They ask Mama and Papa to be parents again. Mama and Papa are relieved to hear that.

The Berenstain Bear family learns that when things get stressful around the house, patience is the key to deal with the stresses of everyday life. Sister promises not to hog the phone, Mama and Papa promise to try and be more patient and Brother promises to use newspaper from the recycle bin instead. Someday, Brother and Sister will be parents themselves and have cubs of their own. Brother and Sister say they want to skip that part and become grandparents. The whole family laughs.

Too Much TVEdit

Papa has just finished with his repairs. Mama says Brother's bike brake is sticking, ( What does THAT MEAN?) but she wonders why Brother hasn't been out biking lately. There is one reason why: That's right, it's Saturday and the best TV shows are on. (I KNEW IT!)Brother and Sister are watching their favorite shows. Mama coaxes ( and i wonder again what does "coax mean?)them to go outside and play because it's nice and sunny, but Brother and Sister are hooked on their TV program. Mama also reminds them if they've read their library books because they're due in a week.

Later that day, Brother and Sister are watching another TV program. Unfortunately, it is an episode they've already seen. Mama calls them for lunch, but they'd rather finish watching first. Just as the commercials begin, Brother runs for the table. But Sister pulls him back because it's a Burr-Fur Bear commercial. "That ad will be back on again," Mama says. "Now, please eat your lunch."

The only place the cubs eat at in their house is in front of the TV set. "It used to be a treat," Mama says, "but now they do it every day." When she hears Brother and Sister fighting over what show they want to watch, Mama reaches the end of her rope. She takes the remote control away from Brother and Sister and puts a ban on watching TV for an entire week (saying to them, "OKAY, THAT'S IT! NO TV FOR A WEEK!"). Then she turns off the TV with the remote. This makes the cubs initially go crazy. Sister complains to Papa that Mama would let her and Brother watch TV for a week. "Mama has a point," Papa says. They've been watching far too much TV lately. Papa himself wants to watch some hockey play-offs on TV, but when he is about to turn it on, Mama grabs the remote away and says the "No TV for a Week" rule goes for Papa too.

The cubs are sent outside, allowed to not watch TV for a week. From inside Papa's workshop, they could hear the TV turn on. Papa is watching his hockey play-offs. Mama and the cubs catch Papa watching the tube. Papa said that he did not see that coming. Mama adds, "And you didn't see me coming!". But Papa says he was just restaining the TV cabinet. Mama encourages Papa to set an example for the cubs on watching any TV. Papa gets the point.

Brother and Sister are bored, and they decide to end the TV ban on a count of bad weather. However, the weather outside is usually nice and sunny. But today it is raining. When Brother and Sister ask about the TV, Mama adds, "Rain or no rain! 'No TV for a week' means, 'No TV for a week'!" Mama suggests they should read books instead. Brother reads the TV guide, and he finds that Honey I Shrunk the Cubs will be on that night. The only way to get Brother's and Sister's minds off of TV is by reading something else. Mama picks out a book for them to read called The Bear Country Book of Birds. Brother says he can also learn about birds on TV, but Mama insists they can still learn about birds from good books.

Mama is doing a crossword puzzle, but she has trouble finding an answer. Brother helps her out. The clue is "A square cardboard container (3 letters)". The answer is "box". That gives Brother an excellent idea. He and Sister make a box into a TV set for them to play in. It's a good way for them to get around Mama's "TV" rule. They use more boxes from Papa's workshop to make something from their imaginations. They even go out riding on their bikes, and they also go bird watching. Brother is making a list of all the birds he sees. Mama is impressed at Brother's interest with the birds. Sister even makes up her own nature show called Bird TV.

The night before the "TV" rule is lifted, Brother and Sister look at the stars in the sky and find different constilations with Mama and Papa. They even see a shooting star. Sister and Brother think looking at the stars is better than going to a movie.

Finally, the day comes when Mama ends her "No TV" rule. It is Saturday, and Brother and Sister are watching their favorite show as Papa asks Mama for his newspaper. Papa says it's a beautiful day, and Mama thinks the cubs haven't noticed. "They're just as hooked on that TV as they were last week," says Mama. When the cubs hear the sounds of birds singing outside, Brother takes a glimpse of it. He wants to show Mama what kind of bird it is. Everyone else is amazed and want to take a close look at the species of bird, too. They all go outside while Mama switches the TV off.

Quotes for Trouble with Grown-Ups; Too Much TVEdit

Papa: [sees Brother using the newspaper painting something to keep paint off his desk] What are you doing with the paper?!

Brother: Using it to keep the paint off my desk.

Papa: [takes the newspaper] You should have asked!

Brother: But nobody in this family reads the for-sale section.

Papa: Well, I'm reading it now!

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