The Berenstain Bears Get the Gimmies is the other Berenstain Bears book written by Stan and Jan Berenstain in 1988

Plot summary Edit

One day, the Bear family goes to the supermarket. But at the checkout, Brother and Sister make a fuss about how the checkout has their favorite candy. Papa gives in to their behavior and buys them their favorite candy. On the way out, Brother and Sister spot a Bucking Frog similiar to the Bucking Duck they ride at the mall. Papa gives in again until the cubs spot a stand that sells the toy cats that sticks out its tongue and squeaks when squeezed and Mama and Papa reluctantly gives in to their demand. Upon arriving home, Mama and Papa believe that Brother and Sister have the worst case of the gimmies. To prove that greddiness doesn't solve everything, Mama and Papa decide to chat with their cubs about how selfish and greedy cubs can never be happy with wanting everything in sight as you can't always get what you want and to appreciate all that they have (not to mention that parents have more important things to spend their hard-money on than useless candy or toys). Of course, that didn't work when Gran and Gramps come to the door. Brother and Sister jump up and down asking them what they brought them. This was the last straw. Papa sends the cubs to their room and tells them there will be no tv or treats for a week, for a month, or possibly even a year. Papa then explains to Gran and Gramps that his cubs have the gimmies, and Gramps states that Papa had the gimmies once when he was a cub. Gramps and Gran state that they had a deal in which when it came time for a trip to the general store Papa could get a treat and that was it for the day and if he came down with the gimmies, they would go right home and Papa got nothing. But Papa isn't sure about this, fearing that Brother and Sister might act out again. Gramps and Gran tell him that it's the only way to help their cubs (who, after realizing what spoiled brats they've been, agree). The next trip at the supermarket, the plan proves successful, as it cures the cubs' gimmies. But after seeing another cub making a scene about not getting candy, they see things from Mama and Papa's POV, and so they leave.

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