Papa's Pizza: A Berenstain Bear Sniffy Book is the other Berenstain Bears book written by Stan and Jan Berenstain in 1978

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One day Sister invites her friends to her house that weekend. However Brother invited his friends too. They don't known what to do until they ask Mama if they can have a party. Mama sarcastically says No at first but she says Yes. Initially the cubs try to make snacks but end up making only their favorite foods Peanut Butter mushy banana and fresh honeycomb sandwiches with a Pickle. When the cubs express their beliefs that their friends will love it as much as they Mama tells the cubs that they also need to make their friends favorite foods and that some may not like the sandwiches. The next few days the cubs go around asking their friends what they like. But they don't like guacamole cheese sandwiches peanut butter green onions green peppers tuna fish mushrooms squash and other things like that making them have to agree on crackers and water. But Papa comes to the rescue and says that he used to be a pizzaologist in college and lets the kids make their own pizza.

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